General questions

VPN providers usually use datacenter connections. We have accumulated a vast array of non-residential Autonomous Systems with the help of contributors, robots and our team! We have a large portion of the web mapped out already, and only plan to keep expanding. If you notice an inaccuracy, we would appreciate if you kindly contact us. Proxies are automatically updated on a hourly basis based on data reported from thousands of internet services (e.g.: public lists, game server bruteforce attempts and website logs). Tor Exit Nodes are also detected.

Generally we're able to apply hotfixes to certain IP ranges to override the standard ASN/ISP classification. When this is not possible we'll return 'block' = 2. Please read the API documentation for further information.

Yes, you can lookup IPv6 addresses.
We may consider providing downloadable data to verified business/enterprise customers on a case-by-case basis. Please note the pricing is higher than the standard API plans.
IPHub V1 has reached end-of-life. Please migrate to IPHub V2.
Even though we now provide commercial services, many people are still happily using the free plan.
You can donate to the Bitcoin address 1DwwnfuUBLMncA4avkbrgHeTpmfQCjpqMe.
All funds will be used to keep the free service alive, thank you! :)
Yes, please check our terms of service and privacy policy for further information.
Yes, we block search engine crawlers as they belong to the "hosting provider" category. This essentially means that your website will be delisted from search engines if you block proxies on your website upon page landing. We recommend you to check login/registration pages instead.

Billing questions

We use Paddle for subscription handling. They support most credit cards and PayPal, as well as some regional payment methods if available.
Leave us a message if you would like to use another payment method, we'll see what we can do.
Usually your key will be emailed to your inbox automatically upon payment. If it does not appear in your inbox, please check your spam box and other email folders before contacting us.
If you're subscribing to a free plan, please note that you need to register, verify your e-mail address, and only then claim the free API key.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription renewal anytime. Please note that this doesn't automatically entitle you a refund for any unused days. You'll have to contact us for that.

API questions

The API platform is hosted on two different locations in parallel. If the primary one fails DNS-based failover kicks in. Downtime should not exceed 5 minutes. Make sure your app doesn't crash if the API goes down.

You may want to check our API documentation website, where you can find some code examples.
Bitcoin Faucet owners can check this discussion.

Yes, but due to data saturation we don't recommend caching for more than 24 hours. Critical applications should cache for a maximum duration of 1 hour.